• Acharya Anil Verma

Pandit for Sunderkand Path in Agartala

Sunder Kand Anusthan

Pandit for Sunderkand Path in Agartala, Sunderkand Path Puja Anuthan in Agartala, Sunderkand Puja Anuthan in Agartala.
Surely now come from this ritual is complete of all kinds. It is perceived by many individuals.
Srihanuman living in their place of worship a lovely picture of the first law to make financial distinguished. Incense burning lamp and put that picture before. Namely, the power of images with expressions devotional worship.
Finished worship at the Sri Ram Charit-Manas, the 'Holocaust kishkindha' low-written lines of text with folded hands 11 times -
The text is 45 times. This ritual law to visit any Tuesday after Srihanuman should start. Three lessons per day, then the ritual will be completed in 15 days. If the three can not text, the same text daily ritual can complete in 45 days.
Thus, during the day-practice ritual must spend so Srihanuman delight: ie celibacy, truth-Wadita, Lord Ram's praise in the Satsang etc. are ready.

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