• Acharya Anil Verma

Family Problem Solution Specialist in Ambala

Personal Problem Solution

Family Problem Solution Specialist in Ambala, Personal Matters Problem Solution Specialist in Ambala. The Achilles heel of our quick fix culture is a lack of deep problem solving. If it can't be fixed with potion, pill or a few minutes of effort, we aren't that interested.If we have to grapple with our weakness, vulnerability or simple humanity, we pass.

This quick fix mentality has given rise to multi-billion dollar industries; drug pushers, second rate psychologies and personal growth pimps who promise the world and deliver disappointment, only to sell you more pseudo-solutions in the end.
And we buy it, half-knowing it won't solve that one problem deep within our souls that can only be solved by going deeper. Much deeper. Yes, we all have it - that one monstrous personal issue that gets the best of us time and again. Even with education and therapy, the monster rages on. Often, we keep this mother of all problems a secret, protecting it from exposure and the perceived humiliation that is sure to follow.

Even though we hold expertise in many areas, the monster haunts our thoughts, ever present in the back of our mind.
We often search in vain for years for that magic bullet, the one cure that will deliver us. We invest thousands of dollars and all of our naive hope in the solution, only to return to that old, familiar place of angst.

Addictions, chronic anxiety, jealousy, resentment, inferiority, selfishness, self-consciousness, social anxiety, depression, lack of discipline, lack of caring, laziness, lack of purpose, overeating, over sleeping, over indulging... all of these can haunt people for decades.

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