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Surya havan Puja in Chandigarh

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Surya Puja Anuthan

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Surya havan Puja in Chandigarh, Surya Puja Anusthan in Chandigarh, Pandit for Surya Havan Puja in Chandigarh.
Surya Puja or Sun Worship is dedicated to Lord Surya. Grah Shanti Surya Puja or Sun worship is recommended to those, having malefic surya or wrongly placed sun as per the horoscope. Here is a list of things associated with the worship of Surya - the Sun God. Surya is the only visible God whom we can see, perceive and pray. The Sun God is considered as the life-giver, ''Prannadata'' of the entire universe. Surya is essential for life. All Vedas regard Surya as the witness (Saakshi) of all actions. The Sun or Surya is also known as ''Atmakaraka''. Being a Sanskrit word, ''Atma'' means ''soul'' and ''Karaka'' means ''indicator''. The Sun is the ''indicator of the soul''. The Surya is the indicator of our ego, honor, status, fame, the heart, the eyes, general vitality, respect and power. 

Surya Puja - Worshipping the Sun God Surya Puja is a divine boon for those who face problems, hurdles and misfortune in their lives. Worship of Sun is beneficial when people get stuck, no matter how hard working, honest and intelligent they are good luck seems to ignore them. People who aspire for sound health, prosperity, good eyesight, strength and courage, success, cure of chronic diseases like leprosy, heart ailment, nervous weakness, asthma etc. should worship the Sun. This planet is known for his Power, strength and glory. An ill-placed Sun could also lead to difficulties in health, relating to heart or blood pressure/ blood circulation. In such a case, it is advisable to recite Surya Japa or Dhyan Mantra. After planning to perform the Surya Puja, one should wear clean red clothes on Sunday and offer lotus flower to the God, facing the east direction. "Aum Hrim Hrim Suriyaye Namah Aum" People can observe fast on Sundays and can take salt-free food (one time meal before sunset). It is regarded as beneficial. One should meditate on the rising sun. If not possible, they should meditate on a ruby.After reciting and meditating on the Sun, one should offer water adding a few rice grains and vermillion to the Sun Lord. It is really beneficial for every person. The Sun is the god of light and intellect, may god bless you with all the grace. Read more to know about the Sun and its affects. The Sun - Position The nature of Surya is fiery. The Sun is the most powerful of all the stars. It is believed that the stronger the Sun the bigger the ego, so much in fact that there might be small place for other people to exist in such egoistic brilliance. Thus, it is where the excess vanity of the Sun exerts a malefic influence. A well-located Sun provides intelligence, perception, strength of will and character. It creates endurance, stamina, vitality, positive spirit, direction, courage, conviction, confidence, leadership, independence and straight- forwardness. An ill-placed Sun gives lack of intelligence, poor perception, weakness of will and character. It creates lack of endurance, low vitality, melancholy, fear, dependency or servitude, deviousness or dishonesty. An overly strong but ill-disposed Sun creates pride, arrogance, tyranny and control. It creates much of the same problems as Mars (or Saturn), when too strong. A weak but spiritually inclined Sun makes us friendly, desiring to do good and self-effacing. Significance of the Sun Surya is considered to be the most powerful planet in astrological parlance as any planet placed with it gets combust. But, whenever Rahu or Ketu comes at 14 degrees from the Sun, a solar eclipse occurs around New Moon (meaning Rahu or Ketu eclipse the Sun). As per Medical astrology, the Sun rules head and brain among body parts and boils, pimples and fever among diseases. The Sun or Surya is the lord of Leo in the Zodiac. Surya exalts in the sign of Aries and falls in the sign of Libra. The sun stays one month in each Rashi and takes 365 days or 1 year to complete a round of 12 Rashis. The Sun is in his strongest placement directly overhead in the 10th House. Surya is also strong in the other Kendras, or Angles. These are the Houses 1, 4, and 7. The Sun also works well in what are called the ''Upachaya'', or growing houses. These are the Houses 3, 6 and 11. The Sun is particularly beneficial for the fire sign Ascendants of Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. Surya Puja on Sunday is considered to bring in manifold benefits to the worshippers.

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